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This FREE Customer Journey Mapping Template will help you identify some of the key elements of your target audience:

  • What steps do customers take before making a decision
  • Where they seek information
  • Who they consult before deciding
  • What motivates them to switch from one brand to another

Here's what you'll learn:

5-step phases of customer journey mapping: Awareness, Searchability, Reputation, Conversions, and Advocacy.


The first step in the customer journey is awareness. To build awareness you need to understand what your audience is interested in and where they hang out online.


The businesses that are most easily found online are the ones that will succeed in today’s marketing world. It’s important to optimize your website so that your audience can find you.


Having a strong reputation online is important, since the word of others can be an influencing factor in whether someone chooses to buy from you or use your service.


Conversion tracking is the process of monitoring the actions taken by web visitors that could lead toward the completion of a business goal.


To build advocacy with your customers you need to not only provide a stellar buying experience, but continue to build a connection post sale.

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