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Maintaining an active social media page might seem easy at first. As time goes on, you’ll realize that it can be quite overwhelming to come up with new content every day for months and years.

To help engage your followers and keep your feed updated with engaging content, we’ve compiled 31 of the best social media post ideas:

1. Company Blog Posts

Your company’s blog posts are an obvious addition  to your content calendar. In addition to being great “filler” posts, They will help increase your site traffic exposing potential clients to your services.  #lookatme

2. Repurposed Blog Content

Do you have dozens of long blog articles hanging on your site? Pull out some quotes, revise them for social media, and you’ve got yourself weeks of informative content! You can include these short blurbs in images, or use them to create new videos. #sampling

3. Video Excerpts

Do you maintain a video blog? Grab some relevant clips and repurpose them into interesting social media posts. Link them back to the original video and you’ll spark more engagement for both your original videos and your social profiles. #clipit

4. Seasonal Posts

Never miss a holiday when curating your content calendar. From the most celebrated holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, to the more obscure  international holidays and celebrations. #partyeveryday

5. Days of Week-Themed Posts

Is it a #TGIF? or a #BusyMonday for your team? Share it! Your content doesn’t have to be all about promoting a product or service all the time. These kinds of posts are simple yet fun and too relatable to scroll through. #MTWTF

6. Account Takeover

Take your mind off creating new content for your social media accounts for a couple of days through a social media takeover. Allow a guest such as an influencer or a loyal customer to take over your accounts for a day or two! Don’t forget: when doing a social media takeover, set ground rules, set limits, and keep it authentic and true to your brand. #socialhijack

7. #Hashtag Events

For a specific time, you can hold a small social media event that will encourage your audience to get involved and use a unique hashtag depending on the topic or conversation you want to have with your followers.

You can hold small contests or raffles along with it to encourage more people to participate. A unique hashtag will not only help you keep track of these posts but also raise curiosity about your brand.

You can also utilize trending topics and hashtags to attract some attention to your page. Make sure that it is somehow tied into your brand or products. #jointheclub

8. Launch A Countdown

You can launch a countdown timer or event to tease your followers about what’s coming next. It can be a product launch, a new website, or a brand spokesperson. A countdown will create a buzz around something that would normally just come and go unnoticed. #blastoff

9. Polls

Running a poll is a quick and easy way to engage and get to know your followers. It’s  a great way to gather data without holding time-consuming surveys that are often ignored.

When running a poll on social media, be sure to keep it casual but interesting. Instagram Stories has an amazing feature that allows you to get answers from almost every follower! #thisorthat

10. Office/Workspace Feature

Showing the interior of your office will help build trust as your followers will get to know more about you and your business and how you operate. If you and your team work virtually, invite team members to share their workspaces! #worklife

11. Featured Team/Employee

Just like showing your workplace, people will love to get to know more about you and the team you’re working with. Use your social media channels to introduce your team or new team members. This is a great way to create a human connection between you, your brand, your customers, and your prospects. #goteam

12. Loyal Customers

Feature your loyal customers on your Facebook or Instagram. Not only will this  help build trust, demonstrate customer satisfaction, and show your followers how much you value your customers, it will offer them some extra exposure! #happyclients

13. Tell A Story In Series

If you are running out of content to post, you can share a story about your brand or business in detail. However, don’t narrate it all in one post. Try to divide it into different parts. Make it interesting enough to make your followers look forward to the next part of the story. #staytuned

14. Reshare User Posts

There’s no better way to fill up your content calendar than resharing or reposting a customer’s photo of your products or a post about their experience with your services. As simple as it sounds, it will go a long way in marketing your brand to your audience.  #repost

15. Contests and Giveaways

Another way to get your audience involved is to hold contests and raffles. Start by keeping it simple. Get your audience hyped up with a photo submission contest and you’ll have content for days! #winnerwinner

16. Tips and Tricks

Any follower would love a quick and super-useful tip or hack. You can post them one by one or you can create a list. Use fun and attention-grabbing images to catch the interest of more people. #lifehacks

17. Sneak Peek

Do you have an upcoming product, event, or reveal? Start telling your fans and followers all about it by writing and creating teasers about it. #comingsoon

18. Testimonials and Reviews

Create more buzz around your brand and build trust by sharing testimonials and reviews from your satisfied clients, users, or customers on your social media pages. #humblebrag

19. Entertaining But Relevant Memes

Everybody loves a good meme. You could post or reshare one on your business page as long as it stays relevant or related to your brand or business. #relatable

20. Relevant News

Sharing a link to a news article in an industry your brand is related to is instant content! Caption it with something interesting like how you may be affected by that particular news. #extraextra

21. Share Another Page’s Content

You don’t have to create your content every time. There are a lot of posts, blogs, and videos out there that you find relevant or that touches on an idea you support.. This also could result in those pages returning the favor! #sharethelove

23. Do #ThrowbackThursdays

The good old #TBT post is still very much alive and kicking. Don’t be afraid to post a throwback anytime with the hashtag #TBT and #ThrowbackThursday to create a more personal connection with your audience. Don’t forget about #FlashbackFridays! #backintheday

24. Post About The Events You’re Involved With

We’re assuming that you’re involved and active in your community and that you likely participate in local events, or even traveling speaking engagements. Why not share your experiences? If you’re attending an upcoming event, you can encourage potential customers to come  talk to you and visit you there! #getconnected

25. Use Statistics

Share  attention-grabbing statistics on your social media pages. It can be about a new study or an interesting stat that will get them thinking and talking, and hopefully commenting. #datashare

26. Create How-Tos and Tutorials

Your social media accounts are not just there to promote your brand. Keep in mind that you should always make a point to give your followers something useful and informative. How-to videos and tutorials are useful information that any follower would love to watch or read. #DIY

27. FAQ Answers

Are there questions or inquiries you get every single day? Use the questions and answers in a post or an image. It can even be a video of you explaining the response in detail. You can share that at least once or twice a month to reduce the number of repetitive inquiries you get. #FYI

28. Host Live Videos

Live videos are one of the best social media trends out there. Encourage your social media team members to do a live video on Instagram or Facebook. Since live video can be intimidating, start by doing short Q&As or reading customer concerns and addressing then on-cam.  #golive

29. Invite An Influencer or Personality For A Short Talk

If you’re planning to utilize influencer marketing anytime soon, you can start by engaging them in a short but meaningful conversation. With their permission, post that conversation. It may be a video call, live chat, or an actual face-to-face interview. This is a great way to boost exposure to your brand. #famous

30. Start Livestreaming

Present and put out your content in a more engaging way by doing a live stream. Some of the ways to do a live stream include hosting a Q&A, demonstrating a product, or  launching a new service on-cam. #streaming

31. Share Something About Your Partners

Are you currently working or collaborating with another brand or business? If your agreement permits, you can share that info with your followers. Talk about how it allows your brand to better cater to your customers, or how it helps your team work more efficiently. It doesn’t have to be a client or an investor; you can showcase the tools or software you use as well! Just make sure you aren’t violating anyone’s terms. #togetherisbetter.

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