Big Content: What, Why and How

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Big Content What, Why and How

You probably have heard of big data but what about big content? According to Search Engine Journal big content means content that a publisher cannot easily replicate themselves. The effort they would need to produce the content is simply too much. Furthermore, Dr. Peter J. Meyers, defines big content as something that requires investment, can break molds, and that has longevity.

What Makes Content Big

There are a few simple things to consider to make a content big, including:

It is an interactive tool: Although it seems like an ordinary piece of information, it actually takes a few days to complete. That means a writer has to put more time and effort for design and development than what they would usually do when creating a blog or article.boost media group

It urges a reader to take action: After learning about the content, the readers will want to try it for themselves. The content will not make any sense if the reader is not compelled to apply or share it. It is something so great that the user are willing to hand over their contact details in exchange for the asset.

It adds value: Of course, as with every kind of content, big content also aims to give new and useful information. It solves a problem, answers a question and provides a unique perspective to an issue. Ultimately, it is an in-depth, valuable piece of content that is aligned with your corporate goals.

Why Big Content is Important

Creating big content is a ton of work but it works to your benefits. Here are the top three things why big content is worth the effort.

Google Loves It

Useful content is key to better rankings. Whether it is a blog post series, an infographic, a video or an online course, Google rewards content that provides comprehensive, authoritative and in-depth information. Big content performs better on Google every time mainly because it generates more backlinks and social shares.

More Brand Authority

Producing content of great scope marks your brand as an expert in your niche. It draws people to your website to find out more about the topic. You also become a vital source of information far into the future. That said, not only is big content rewarded by the search engines, it also resonates with readers.

Greater Credibility

Big content is a powerful tool you can use to gain your customers’ respect and boost credibility. In this information-saturated world, an excellent way to stand out from the competition is to prove that your brand is a trustworthy source of valuable content where readers can gain more insights than what is available elsewhere on the web.

How to Create Big Content

When it comes to creating your own big content, here are a couple of things to remember:

Do proper research

Find topics that will get the recognition your brand deserves. Start by visiting popular blogs related to your niche. Then look for topics that have garnered lots of shares and comments. From there, start exploring ideas for your own big content.

Develop an outlineboost media group

Not just any kind of outline but a well-structured one. This way, you bring your thoughts out of confusion and make the writing process more consistent. Begin by forming the head sections or the core elements of the content. Then add subsections wherein specific ideas to the main section are elaborated.

Make it visually appealing

Regardless of which content type it is, your big content should be visually stimulating. If it only contains blocks of texts, your readers will not want to proceed. Breathe life into your content with the help of colorful and bright images.

Examples of Big Content

Here are a few examples of big content for some inspiration:

There are many WordPress guides around, teaching you more than you’ll ever need to know. SimplyBusiness put together a guide, which at first glance looks like a flowchart. But, in fact, it is a step-by-step guide that makes the life of anyone wishing to build a website much easier.

An interactive content produced by Seer Interactive appears like an infographic but a closer examination will show you how exactly famous brands – such as Apple, eBay, Skype, etc – makes money.

Although it is no longer updated, Cewe Photoworld, walks us through in a fun way how far all the photos uploaded to Instagram would take us if we printed off all of them. [For more examples, go to this link].

Are you ready to take your content to the next level? If you are looking to develop your own big content but not sure how to start, we’d be glad to assist you. Contact us today.

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