How to Leverage Social Media in Building a Profitable Personal Brand

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Have you noticed the growing number of “influencers” online? They are individuals with huge social followings sought after by brands to promote their products or services. While this is the next big thing that’s changing the way businesses market themselves, they are still focused on leveraging social media sites.

The use of these platforms has been an essential strategy for small startups and businesses. Over the last couple of years, it has helped brands earn millions of dollars in a short amount of time. All was made possible by the presence of social media sites and their massive followings.

Although one might think that using a single and massively used platform such as Facebook is enough, every platform can help leverage a brand in different ways. We should all have a different approach for each platform and maximize the best possible actions with each site. This means that you should have a different strategy for every platform. Before doing so, you will need to understand and know what each site can do and how you can use it to build your brand.

Let us look at the top social media platforms and you can leverage every single one in building a million-dollar personal brand.


The social media site’s popularity has skyrocketed since its beginning. Being the biggest and most popular social media platform today, being on Facebook has become a must for marketers. It has become imperative for brands to leverage the site to work for their business goals. Having a solid Facebook page or presence has helped millions or brands, small or big, reach out to their audience better. Simply having their information available on Facebook makes all the difference.

However, the platform’s growing number of features can make it difficult to figure out how you can use it in a way that stands out from your competitors.

The Facebook live feature has taken audience and customer interaction to a whole new level. With close to real-life experiences, brands and brand ambassadors get to share content and connect to their followers real-time.

They get the opportunity to respond to questions and build their brand beyond regularly scheduled posts most pages usually do. This feature is also cost-efficient and is a great way to test out new content and see audience feedback within seconds. Most of all, live content is more personal. Audiences get to feel like they are being responded to personally. At the same time, brands get to know the current sentiments of their followers. Overall, all of these contribute to traffic, engagement, and potential conversions.


Most social media sites have their own way of making the customer feel like they’re personally taken care of. Twitter, on the other hand, allows a marketer to build a community.

Twitter is known for its fast and quick customer or audience interactions and response. With a responsive and updated page, you are able to attract more users, build a more reputable page, and get the trust of your users.

Maintaining a Twitter page allows you to create a solid platform where you can:

-Keep your customers updated

-Directly respond to pressing user concerns

-Create a community of connections

Other than these, your content also has a higher possibility of reaching audiences which are not in your usual ad targeting campaigns. This may be due to reasons such as reaching users who are in a location that’s not in your usual target niche. If your business is planning to expand, building your Twitter profile can expand your reach. Whether you’re a small or big business, there are so many strategies and steps you can take once you decide to leverage the platform.


Although there is as much as 1.9 billion YouTube users globally, estimates reveal that half of those under 32 will still not subscribe to a paid video service by the year 2015. This speaks volume on YouTube’s relevance over the coming years. With an incredibly fast-paced online environment, you can be sure that the platform is here to stay.

Because anyone can simply upload content on YouTube, a video’s uniqueness and relevance is of utmost importance. There are tools which can help you promote content. However, coming up with an interesting video is difficult. Knowing your brand well and what message you want to put out there can help you start.

Choosing the type of video you want to develop is crucial in building your brand. Identify your goals and what you want to do. Align them together to make sure that they stay consistent with your brand. You may even opt to try many things when starting out. Once you’ve decided what works for your brand’s message best, create engaging and informative videos. You can use these YouTube videos to set yourself as a leader in the industry your in.


Instagram is one of the top ten most popular platforms worldwide. The popularity of the application has made it an effective way to promote and market your brand, business, products or services. The image and video-centered medium is allowing anyone to connect and interact better with their audience through Instagram’s better visual storytelling capabilities.

With features such as swipe-up stories, you can send out messages in a more visual way. You also give them easy access to a link or site anytime. Aside from its more advanced features, utilize its basic but important capabilities. This plays a huge role in reaching out to people. This has even become easier with millions who use Instagram on a regular basis. Given these features among many others, a brand is given the power to not only to retarget but reach out to new customers as well.

Ready To Leverage Your Social Sites?

All of these platforms have a lot of things in common. Yet, using them all at the same time with different strategies will surely help you hit various goals within the same time. Each content can be repurposed and revised depending on a platform. You can breakdown a YouTube video into a couple of Facebook and Instagram posts. At the same time, you can use Twitter as a platform to start discussions on the content you just created. The possibilities are truly endless.

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