From Zero to Hero: The Power of Email Marketing in Building a Profitable Personal Brand

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Email marketing is one great way to make and maintain a connection with possible leads and your customers. By creating a great relationship between a business and the customers, you make a connection and build brand loyalty. This will be the key to the success of your business.

In this article, we’ll share  our email marketing strategies at Boost Media Group. How it helped Jeremy Buendia, a four-time Mr. Olympia physique title-holder who amassed a huge following, monetize his expertise and turn his followers into paying customers. Ultimately, taking his business from zero revenue to 7 figures in just 3 years.

Implementing an Email Marketing Strategy that Builds Your Brand

Before sending an e-mail campaign, message, or update, we worked on growing a high-quality mailing list of possible leads. Strongly working on this step will prevent any email marketing efforts from going to waste. It will help you in planning out the content you will send to increase your overall success rate.

Unlike social media, planning an email marketing strategy is a bit more complex. Creating and implementing a plan requires a little more effort. Simply sending an e-mail blast with a general and non-specific content may can lead to less productive results. This can render your efforts and difficulty in getting those email addresses futile.

However, email marketing can better help you reach out to the right audience with the most specific needs or demographics. It will also build better lead and contacts for better sales and conversions.

Below, we laid out the elements that make up a successful email marketing campaign. We will share how Boost Media Group leveraged email marketing to yield stable seven-figure results for Jeremy Buendia Fitness.

Segmented Lists and Specialized Tags

You can send out an email to a specific target audience through segmented lists. Using demographics such as age, gender, location, etc., is one way to differentiate your customers or leads. Some promotions or services may be suitable to a more specific age level.  Your business may also target a specific gender. If it is the case, you can filter your mailing list before sending a specific offer or promo.

Sending out an email to a specified list is one way to target a message better. You can also group your mailing based on behavior, interests, and how they signed up. Aside from this, you can also create a promotion or offer base on your existing lists and tags. This way, you can prioritize list or tags with the most users. For those working with a limited strategy, this can work as a good strategy.

Jeremy Buendia’s target audience can get specific. This is why a proper understanding of your market will help you better target a message to the right audience. This will increase your open and click rate and lead users to a higher chance of converting and becoming customers. 

Targeted Promotions

You may have interested customers who signed up for your newsletter but still hasn’t converted yet. Use this opportunity to figure out why they didn’t convert. Them, you can create an email that reintroduces your brand to them in another.

One example is having a cart abandonment list. Send them a reminder that they didn’t check out or complete a purchase.This is one good way to target based on specialized tags or list. Re-sending an email or a revised message to subscribers who didn’t open is also one way to do targeted promotions.

Extending more value through exclusive deals or promotions is an email marketing appeal. This is because you are sending promos to people who already know your brand. They also might have been customers in the past. This way, you’ll get higher chances of an increase in click-through rate and brand loyalty. Building brand loyalty will benefit your business eventually. You will be the first thing that will come to their mind when the need for your products arise.

Find out how Boost Media Group built a million-dollar marketing funnel that took the Jeremy Buendia Fitness business from zero to seven figures in just 3 years!

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work anymore, especially in sending email promotions and updates. In Jeremy Buendia Fitness: A Case Study, we go into the power of email marketing. We go into an in-depth study of the strategy we’ve developed to build the brand. We will also discuss other income streams we implemented  in transforming the Jeremy Buendia. A brand that started from zero to hero in the fitness and body building industry.

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