7 Marketing Strategies to Boost Mortgage Lead Generation

Digital marketing, regardless of the channel, has always played a significant role in the success of any business. From small businesses to the largest enterprises, digital marketing helps brands connect and deliver value to customers through personalized, relevant experiences. From search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing to email marketing, digital […]

How To Have Your Business Appear On The Front Page of Google

When it comes to Google search results, being on the first page is key. According to Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author and leading online marketer, 75% of people never visit the second page of a Google search. If you want to be seen online, you might want to learn how to appear on […]

Top Three Techniques In Increasing Blog Traffic

You have dedicated so much already on your blog. Now that it looks established, it is time to improve its traffic. However, increasing blog traffic can be quite tedious, and chances are, you are not sure where to start. In this post, we share certain techniques you can use to get more traffic and make your blog grow. And the […]

The Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Brand

benefits of content marketing

You probably have heard that “content is king”. But, are you maximizing your content as part of your digital marketing strategy? Content marketing is one of the most practical, effective and useful marketing strategies in this digital age. In today’s post, we compile the top benefits of content marketing and the ways it can do wonders for your brand when done right. Top Benefits […]

Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing a Landing Page

Landing pages play a huge role in your advertising campaigns. Although creating a landing page is often the final step you take in your advertising campaign, it should always be at the forefront of your mind. We round up the top questions you need to ask yourself before publishing a landing page. If you can answer yes to […]

How to Create Email Newsletters Your Customers Will Want to Read and Share

Email newsletters are a great way to connect and engage with your customers and prospects. However, creating one, whether it is from scratch or with the use of templates, is not always that easy. More often than not, you have to take into account a handful of items when putting an email newsletter. You have […]